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FNX 125

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Category: Sym
Tags: 125cc Bikes, Scooters, Sub 300cc Syms, Sym Scooters

FNX, the abbreviation of Phoenix, represents the new combination of eastern and western aesthetics.

This time, SYM cooperated with a European design team, restyling the shape of beauty and making a balance form of “Art Fusion” on FNX.

Your ride with SYM FNX will brighten any city.

Featuring an all new A.L.E.H. frame geometry, the FNX 125 is the most stable & precise handling scooter SYM have ever produced.

Additional features:

  • Integrated LED headlights and rear lights.
  • ‘Smart Dash’ – Dash display brightness automatically adjusts depending on the environment. For example, in bright sunlight, the screen will go brighter and at night the screen will dim.
  • Space for a full face helmet under the seat.
  • 2A USB Port to charge devices.

Available in White and Red, Silver and Black, or White and Blue.

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