Kernel IT Services

Kernel IT Services is a new venture from George, the youngest of the GV Bikes family.

George has long had an interest in IT and over the years has provided GV’s technical support as well as develop

After finishing school in 2016, George joined a local events company and continued to develop and build on his skills in website design and technical support as the IT Assistant. In 2020, he parted with the company to form Kernel IT Services.

He continues to work with GV, usually working in the shop once or twice a week whilst continuing to manage all the company’s IT and online presence. He also has a major part in the organising of GV’s trade shows.


^ Above, some of the websites produced by Kernel IT Services

Kernel IT Services provide a wide range of IT and Technology services including:

  • Website design and development
  • Ecommerce systems (Online shops)
  • General IT support for individuals and small companies, including
    • Support with Windows and MacOS
    • Support with mobile devices, including iOS and Android
    • Support with Zoom, Skype and Microsoft Teams
    • Email and Office 365 queries
  • Hardware support and upgrades
  • Affordable temporary on-site IT Services including setup of hardware and installation of software

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They’re most active on email and Facebook, but if you did want to phone them, you can get them on 07402 937801.