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Misano 50i

£1,399.00 + OTR

The Misano 50i is the flagship model of the Motorini 50cc range. Designed to rival any other in the sports scooter sector, the Misano has a specification to validate its striking looks.

Electronic fuel injection ensures a responsive throttle yet frugal fuel consumption, making the Misano a stylish commuter. A combined braking system optimises stopping and 12″ wheels deliver a more secure ride over our less than perfect roads. Bright LED lighting ensures you can both see and be seen by surrounding motorists. Twin rear shocks keep the Misano stable in all conditions and work well with the comfortable seat, which has room for two; with grab handles for the pillion.

Available in Red or Green.

Tags: 16 Year Old Learner Legal, 50cc Scooters, Scooters

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