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Blade X 125


The Sinnis Blade X edition is new for 2019 and builds on the history of the previous versions of this road-legal enduro-style 125cc motorcycle. 21” front wheel and off-road style tyres give supreme grip whilst the Suzuki based engine works faultlessly and keeps the weight down – for those times when the road isn’t straight forward.

The Blade X celebrates over 13 years of the Sinnis Blade production, many happy riders and years of feedback has enabled us to create the best version yet for 2019 and beyond. Built with only the best components the Blade X is a pleasure to ride and offers around 100+mpg from its 11.5bhp Japanese derived engine.

Off road capabilities – The Blade X is designed to cope with rough terrain, and is often used in trials events around the UK. With its protective aluminium belly pan, huge 21” front wheel and 910mm seat height there is nothing stopping you from taking the long way round.

Only available in white.

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