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Terrain 125

£2,589.00 + OTR

The Sinnis Terrain 125cc speaks for itself when it comes to design. Sinnis have created an adventure motorcycle, more than capable on the roads and byways of the countryside to allow the rider the full experience of freedom & exploration. As seen on Adventure Bike TV, accept no substitute to the Terrain.

It’s a learner legal machine with the accent on quality and mile after mile reliability. Employing an 11.2hp engine, the Terrain has the ability to keep fuel usage low, whilst not straining the engine internals over long distances – the results of this are superb longevity and dependability as well as power on demand throughout the engine’s range.

Previously the realms of adventure motorcycling were only attainable by the privileged few. The Sinnis Terrain redefines this genre allowing new riders the ability to explore and enjoy their surroundings on an affordable, stylish and extremely economical motorcycle. A handy USB port for navigation and charging along with a 66.5 litre luggage capacity grants access to a whole new world of learner legal opportunities.

It has been designed to cope with everyday open world travel, and has an enhanced rider crash bar protection system, to help keep you safe on rough surfaces, whilst the 280mm unified brakes easily cope with stopping you in a hurry. A fuel tank capacity of 14litres combined with achievable 100mpg means you spend more time enjoying the ride, and less time filling up.

Available in Satin Silver or Rosso Red.

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