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Harrier 125

£1,599.00 + OTR

The Sinnis Harrier 125cc scooter compiles the best in sporty looks, agile handling and aerodynamic form into one sleek package. Designed for those wanting a cool, nippy 125cc scooter that performs and delivers.

The smooth lines and graphic design of the Harrier 125 show a true scooter race replica heritage, inherent in the history of this machine. The Harrier is used as favoured paddock scooter to many race teams in the UK, including BSB and Thundersport championships.

The Sinnis Harrier lights up the road ahead with conventional and LED lighting, which is all designed to flow with the lines of this sporty “race rep” scooter. Whilst the race numbers and duel colour seat add to the overall sleek aesthetic.

The Harrier offers an excellent sized helmet storage capacity under the duel colour stitched seat, this is complimented by a luggage rack on the rear where you can add additional ‘top box’ storage.

Available in Sports Black and Red or White and Red.

Tags: 125cc Scooters, 17 Year Old Learner Legal (Or A1 License), Scooters

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