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Fiddle III 125 Euro 5

£2,399.00 + OTR

Introducing the updated and improved Fiddle III.

Alongside the awesome, deeper finish, there have been some really clever and aesthetically pleasing additions and changes. Smooth, clean styling reminiscent of the ‘golden era’ look with ‘Venting’ on the rear body, a lower, flatter seat height, more power using a new Electronically Controlled Carb, larger Fuel Tank to improve range. LED lighting front and rear ensure great vision and safety. Having both a side stand and a centre stand makes parking easy, and the advanced high-security lock system helps to keep your scooter safe and sound. The digital clocks give a clean, clear and precise readout and add a nice modern touch to an otherwise retro classic style Free removable top box included for a limited time.

A real stand out head turner.

Fully Euro 5 complient.

Available in Satin Blue, Grey, Matte Black, White or Bronze.

Tags: 125cc Scooters, 17 Year Old Learner Legal (Or A1 License), Scooters

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