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Javelin 125i

£1,799.00 + OTR

The Javelin is a full size 125 learner legal bike, that has great presence on the road and is an ideal commuter. With a rider friendly seat height of 785mm, the bike is comfortable for most riders and inspires confidence.

Modern LED day time running lights ensure you are seen and safe, whilst a combined brake system assists you to a safe stop. Integrated LED indicators are bright and clear to signal your intent to other road users, whilst rider information is clearly displayed in combined analogue and LCD digital displays. The latest EFI system provides ample free revving power, yet a froogle fuel consumption.

For daily commuters the bike is supplied as standard with a two piece rack system. With both section installed universal top box and luggage systems can be installed; removed two sporty grab handles remain.

Available in Fluro Yellow Metallic & Cherry Red Metallic.

Tags: 125cc Motorcycles, 17 Year Old Learner Legal (Or A1 License), Motorcycles

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